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DOOR-ENGINEERING for the perfect door solution

DOOR-ENGINEERING for the perfect door solution. The new cross-trade consulting service from Gretsch-Unitas provides planning security to architects and planners: it prevents interface problems, reduces unpredictable follow-up costs and takes into account legal requirements.


The door – a multifun­ctional building component

Doors in buildings are used by many people every day. Targeted planning in advance taking into account all necessary trades is the decisive precondition for successful door management and for the problem-free and low-maintenance operation of doors. Architectural design, the purpose of a building, passenger flows, flexibility to meet changing use requirements, as well as security, fire protection and es-cape route requirements make the building component 'DOOR' a highly complex planning task.

A good door design ensures the fulfilment of all requirements and the reliable fun­ctioning of the different components. It goes without saying that professional door planning takes into account customer-specific and legal requirements and that it is done beforehand in order to avoid changes during the construction period or the subsequent coordination of different building equipment products that might involve unpredictable follow-up costs.


The new service of the GU Group

As an additional service for planning offices, building operators and door fabricators, the GU Group offers a comprehensive advisory service on all issues concerning DOOR ENGINEERING. Well thought-out system solutions, all of them adapted for each other, provide the desired and expected fun­ctionality whilst taking into account the particular standards and directives. The GU project consultants determine the different fun­ctional requirements in the building and work out the perfect, project-specific door solution within the scope of an individual overall concept.

When advising, the project consultants use self-explanatory fun­ctional samples and offer system solutions to the particular problems of a project. Here, interface coordination proves to be the core competence of the Gretsch-Unitas DOOR ENGINEERING service. At the end of the consultation, the customer receives an individual system proposal which comprises a detailed technical drawing, an overview of the required components, fun­ctional descriptions and tender specifications.

The planning documents elaborated within the scope of this new Gretsch-Unitas service are made available to the customer after a final check. The documents also contain direct links (QR codes) to the DOOR ENGINEERING area of the Gretsch-Unitas homepage which may be used to retrieve detailed product information or to contact our DOOR ENGINEERING experts.

For further information regarding this new comprehensive service, call +49 2051-201-2000

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DOOR-ENGINEERING for the perfect door solution.</br> A consultation service by Gretsch-Unitas for architect's and planners.
DOOR-ENGINEERING for the perfect door solution.
A consultation service by Gretsch-Unitas for architect's and planners.

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