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DOOR-ENGINEERING for the perfect door solution

DOOR-ENGINEE­RING for the perfect door solu­tion. The new cross-trade consul­ting service from Gretsch­-Unitas pro­vides plan­ning secu­rity to architects and plan­ners: it prevents inter­face pro­blems, reduces unpredictable follow-up costs and takes into account legal require­ments.


The door – a mul­tifunc­tional building compo­nent

Doors in buildings are used by many people every day. Targeted plan­ning in advance taking into account all necessary trades is the decisive precondi­tion for successful door manage­ment and for the pro­blem-free and low-mai­n­tenance ope­ra­tion of doors. Architectural design, the pur­pose of a building, pas­senger flows, flexibility to meet changing use require­ments, as well as secu­rity, fire pro­tec­tion and es-cape route require­ments make the building compo­nent 'DOOR' a highly complex plan­ning task.

A good door design ensures the fulfil­ment of all require­ments and the reliable func­tio­ning of the different compon­ents. It goes wit­hout saying that pro­fes­sional door plan­ning takes into account cust­omer-specific and legal require­ments and that it is done before­hand in order to avoid changes during the con­struc­tion period or the sub­sequent coordi­na­tion of different building equip­ment pro­ducts that might involve unpredictable follow-up costs.


The new service of the GU Group

As an addi­tional service for plan­ning offices, building ope­ra­tors and door fabrica­tors, the GU Group offers a compre­hensive advi­sory service on all issues con­cer­ning DOOR ENGINEE­RING. Well thought-out system solu­tions, all of them adapted for each other, pro­vide the desired and expected func­tio­nality whilst taking into account the parti­cular stan­dards and direc­tives. The GU pro­ject consultants determine the different func­tional require­ments in the building and work out the perfect, pro­ject-specific door solu­tion within the scope of an individual overall concept.

When advising, the pro­ject consultants use self-expla­natory func­tional samples and offer system solu­tions to the parti­cular pro­blems of a pro­ject. Here, inter­face coordi­na­tion proves to be the core com­pe­tence of the Gretsch­-Unitas DOOR ENGINEE­RING service. At the end of the consul­ta­tion, the cust­omer rece­ives an individual system pro­posal which comprises a detailed technical drawing, an over­view of the required compon­ents, func­tional descrip­tions and tender speci­fica­tions.

The plan­ning docu­ments elabo­rated within the scope of this new Gretsch­-Unitas service are made available to the cust­omer after a final check. The docu­ments also con­tain direct links (QR codes) to the DOOR ENGINEE­RING area of the Gretsch­-Unitas home­page which may be used to retrieve detailed pro­duct informa­tion or to con­tact our DOOR ENGINEE­RING experts.

For further informa­tion regarding this new compre­hensive service, call +49 2051-201-2000



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DOOR-ENGINEERING for the perfect door solution.</br> A consultation service by Gretsch-Unitas for architect's and planners.
DOOR-ENGINEERING for the perfect door solution.
A consultation service by Gretsch-Unitas for architect's and planners.

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