Tilt&Slide hardware

You can enter an entirely new dimen­sion when man­ufac­turing terrace ele­ments from standard window profiles using Tilt&Slide hardware. The­ inno­va­tive cutting-edge bogie de­sign ensures func­tional accu­racy and therefore long hardware dura­bility even with very high sash weights. Sashes tilted for venti­lation are held securely by storm-proof stays. The­ addi­tional power-control fea­ture of the­ hardware variants for large and heavy ele­ments ensures that the­ sash is pulled against the­ gasket evenly at closing and pushed away again evenly at opening.

GU Tilt&Slide ele­ments convince through smoothly running sashes and ease of operation: all func­tions are con­trolled with one handle.

For sash weights up to 90 kg

For small and light ele­ments: the­ GU-90 oZ hardware system plus cen­tral locking mechanism is the­ reliable solu­tion for accu­rately func­tioning Tilt&Slide ele­ments of small size and weight. 

Barrier-free conve­nience – for sash weights up to 100 kg

The­ GU-966/100 oZ bb flush-with-floor­ hardware system for Tilt&Slide ele­ments not only fulfils your desire for conve­nience but also has a maximum threshold height of 20 mm when installed with the­ GU DKS threshold. 

For sash weights up to 130 kg

For small and medium-sized ele­ments: you are inter­ested in func­tional accu­racy and running smooth­ness? Both are pro­vided by the­ tried and tested Tilt&Slide hardware for ele­ments with a sash weight of up to 130 kg and a sash width of up to 1600 mm. 

For sash weights up to 150 kg

Play it safe with the­ power control fea­ture. The­ tried and tested Tilt&Slide hardware for sash weights of up to 150 kg and sash widths of up to 1600 mm offers you the­ best pos­sible oper­ating comfort. 

For sash weights up to 200 kg

You are in search of maximum oper­ating comfort and func­tional accu­racy for large and heavy ele­ments? With Tilt&Slide hardware systems for units of up to 200 kg sash weight and up to 2000 mm sash width, GU offers you the­ ideal solu­tion. 

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