Focus on the future

New solutions provide convincing answers to current challenges in the industry and therefore set the future trends in the international market. At the same time tried-and-tested products are continually developed thus securing their active future. More than 1,400 patents reflect the innovative prowess which has produced countless inventions through which the brands of the GU group give vital impulses to the market time and again.


The most important milestones are sliding and Lift&Slide hardware, the BKS round cylinder, panic locks and the ixalo locking system, the MKS MasterKey system, the JET Tilt&Turn hardware, the HM-F FT sliding door for escape and rescue routes, the GU-SECURY Automatic multi-point lock and many more. Every one of these innovations is a distinctive module in the product world of Gretsch-Unitas.


1924 Patent registered for sliding door hardware

1938 BKS develops the round cylinder – the first modern lock cylinder system

1950 BKS brings the world's first panic lock on to the market

1958 Invention of the Lift&Slide hardware

1979 Development of the GU-SECURY multi-point lock

1989 First electronic ESI cylinder

2005 Internet-based MKS planning and ordering platform for master key systems

2012 ixalo lock: the first lock-integrated access control

2014 GU house entrance door package – multiple award-winning and VdS-certified

2017 The future of sliding: the motor-driven HS ePOWER lift-and-slide door completely barrier-free

2018 Access to greater flexibility: ixalo – the electronic locking system from BKS

2019 GU System Threshold flush with the ground awarded Product of the Year by the bfb