SRI-BG door-leaf coordinator

integrated in GS OTS 73x

  • Used at double-leaf doors to ensure the doors always close in the correct sequence

  • Tested and certified in accordance with EN 1158

  • Fast straightforward installation, laterally on the slide rail

    • without additional drill holes

    • no subsequent adjustment necessary

  • Retrofittable

  • SRI waiting position with load-limiting device prevents damages in case of mishandling

  • With fixed stable cable

  • Also available with optional integrated microswitch, especially when using the electromechanical hold-open device This also makes it possible to trigger the hold-open device at the passive leaf automatically when the active leaf is manually triggered

  • Number of door leafs: Double-leaf
  • Maximale Türflügelbreite (1-flügelig, in mm): 2800
  • Function: Approved for fire and smoke protection doors
  • Application/installation type: Standard installation on side opposite to hinges (BG)

To correctly close the active leaf and passive leaf in the right order.

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