GU premium maintenance set

  • In window construction for cleaning window components
  • In production and installation, for regular care of already installed window, door and shutter profiles
  • Caring for window and door seals made of EPDM, silicone, TPE
  • To preserve the value of hardware



  • Shake GU cleanser before use!
  • GU cleanser is applied to the surface straight from the bottle using a lint-free, slightly moist cloth. After a short contact time, the surface is cleaned by gently rubbing lengthwise along the profile. Circular rubbing motions should be strictly avoided during cleaning!
  • For stubborn patches of dirt, the cleaning process can be repeated
  • After cleaning, the surface is wiped down with a wet cloth
  • The minimum processing temperature is +5 °C

Abrasive intensive cleaner without solvent for cleaning hard white PVC and anodised aluminium, and for cleaning other smooth, predominantly plastic surfaces.

  • Intensive yet gentle cleaning effect
  • pH neutral
  • Gentle on the skin
  • Enclosed seal care cloths prevent stickiness of seals in summer and frosting in winter
  • Area of application: Maintenance sets

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