Brent Civic Centre

The building is a milestone for the Brent municipal administration in the Wembley urban renewal area and is located opposite Wembley Arena and the Wembley Stadium. This new building encapsulates the vision of the city council for a central communal administration with social, public and administrative functions and turns this vision into reality.

The Civic Centre comprises a new multi-purpose community centre that accommodates theatre, concert and festival halls, e.g. for weddings. The concept behind the impressive foyer and atrium was to create a flexible space in which the large public stair acts as seating for the "Wembley Live" events. It also houses a modern library and learning centre.

As early as the planning phase the building was awarded the coveted BREEAM certificate (system for evaluating ecological and socio-cultural aspects of building sustainability) with the rating "Outstanding". The building is constructed using sustainable construction methods involving the combination of sun shading, natural ventilation, high-performance facades and combined cooling, heating and energy systems.

GU solution: Projecting Top-Hung windows in aluminium post-and-mullion system