Sealing and insulation of the lower window connection with the GU sill frame

Installing windows requires careful planning to ensure the connection between the window and building structure is impermeable to driving rain, airtight and prevents the formation of condensation. The horizontal termination of the window opening in the wall, the sill, plays an important role in this regard.

The GU sill frame is approved for passive house, efficiency house KFW 40 Plus, 40 and 55. It ensures, in addition to thermal and sound insulation, air tightness on the inside and resistance to driving rain on the outside.

The GU sill frame is a three-part system that can be prefabricated at the workshop if required and, in combination with the integrated multifunctional adapter, fixes the window connection so it fits perfectly with all profiles. The ribs are designed so that they can simply be bent off matching the profile – and can be delivered pre-assembled when ordered in larger quantities.

Overview of product characteristics

  • positive isothermal characteristic, the 12.6*C isotherm runs inside the construction, a perfect building-physical window connection
  • accurate fixation of the window due to multifunctional adapter
  • perfect sealing and insulation of the lower window connection
  • air tightness can be achieved without great expenditure
  • prevention of condensation and mould
  • high level of sound insulation
  • acoustic/thermal insulation of the window parapet
  • high tightness against driving rain
  • fire protection class B1 (in test)
  • the window connection profile can be used for all window types currently available on the market