GU 1K aluminium adhesive

  • GU 1K aluminium adhesive is used by specialists in the construction of aluminium fenestration for gluing corner angles
  • GU 1K aluminium adhesive is used for various applications in stair construction, in the building trade, in many assembly bonding applications and by specialist companies in various fields of industry.

GU 1K aluminium adhesive is a solvent-free, joint filling, multipurpose polyurethane structural adhesive with fast reaction time and viscoplastic adhesion joint.
It exhibits excellent adhesion to different wood-based and construction materials, ceramics, metals, duroplasts and thermoplastics, with appropriate pretreatment of surfaces, and meets stress group D4 of EN 204 when gluing wood to wood.

  • Area of application: Aluminium adhesive and aluminium cleaner

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