GU primer

In conjunction with GU KSK sheet for structural sealing with perforated strip, as a foundation/primer for sealing:

  • Basement outer walls and foundations
  • Substrates such as vertical coring bricks, solid bricks, hollow blocks, solid stone, solid blocks, slag bricks, sandy limestone, concrete blocks, cellular concrete blocks, concrete formwork blocks, mixed brickwork

GU primer is a solvent-free, high-quality primer with a bitumen-rubber base. It is used as a foundation to improve adhesion for seals using cold self-adhesive sealing sheets, such as GU KSK sheet for structural sealing with perforated strip.
It can be used on dry, slightly moist and mineral-based substrates such as sandy limestone, brick, concrete blocks, concrete, cellular concrete, plaster and screed.

  • Ready to use, easily workable, can be spread or sprayed
  • Fast drying
  • Solvent-free so does not harm the environment
  • No contamination of groundwater
  • No vapours harmful to health
  • Area of application: Construction-foil adhesive and sealants

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