Door closers and hold-open systems for fire protection and barrier-free construction

T 70


Shaping security: On passing the final test, the seminar qualifies you to carry out competent initial acceptance of GU group hold-open systems and, as an expert in hold-open systems, to perform recurring inspections, maintenance and repairs in accordance with DIN 14677. Participants additionally receive comprehensive information on current guidelines and the latest door closer technology, from the standard solution to doors with free-swing function.



  • Introduction to door technology and areas of application
  • Regulations and directives (in general)
  • Guidelines for hold-open systems
  • DIN 14677 (standard for maintenance of hold-open systems for fire protection and smoke-protection barriers)
  • Inspections and maintenance of hold-open systems
  • Overview of the GU group's door closers range

Practical exercises

  • Putting together the modular system using the OTS 73x series as an example
  • Structure, functions and adjustment options
  • Installation: hinge-side – side opposite to hinges, single-leaf – double-leaf
  • Connection of the smoke switch module and the electromechanical dogging mechanism as hold-open systems


  • Tasks, rights and duties of a qualified person
  • Certificate after passing final test


Knowledge of the industry is advantageous

2 Dates

10.12.2019 - 11.12.2019 (2 days)

1. day 09:00 Uhr
2. day 16:30 Uhr


25.03.2020 - 26.03.2020 (2 days)

1. day 09:00 Uhr
2. day 16:30 Uhr