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Great all-rounder featuring state-of-the-art technology

State-of-the-art technology for optimum security! Even in the standard specification nuvius, the conventional cylinder system, is incredibly secure and versatile. And with extra equipment, the system can be used flexibly more or less anywhere. This patented all-rounder satisfies all individual security requirements, whether it be a complex master key system in the commercial sector or registered differ in domestic applications.

The security requirement determines the scope of security features: locking bars with 4 or 8 interacting pins, concealed or movable copy protection or integrated ixalo | SE electronic cylinder system – nuvius can adapt perfectly to more or less any requirement.

The striking distinguishing mark: the orange-coloured ball in the key head – for a sense of security!


Highlights of the cylinder system

The complexity and security of nuvius is illustrated in this video.


  • Versatility is the key: extensive range gives plenty of scope for individual requirements.
  • Reliability makes the difference: by using thicker keys made of nickel silver the nuvius cylinder system is subject to less wear and is more stable.
  • The orange-coloured ball in the key head delivers design with recognition value and stands for tried-and-tested brand quality by BKS.
  • A new patent and concealed or movable copy protection protects them legally and technically against illegal key duplication.
  • Right up to date: nuvius can be combined with the ixalo | SE electronic cylinder system.
  • Also the right choice for security hardware with a cylinder cover due to extended key shank.
  • Protection against picking and bumping as standard
  • First class drilling/picking protection
  • The nuvius SL and SLX series offer an even higher degree of protection against manipulation and make even more complex master key systems possible.

You can choose between the nuvius, nuvius SL and nuvius SLX series which provide additional options for protection against manipulation.

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