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LowEnergy GS-60 sliding-door drive

The GS-60 sliding-door drive is compact and features modern technology. The sliding-door drive has a linear motor, which generates a linear instead of a rotational movement. This drive was designed as a solution for transitioning between rooms inside buildings.

When designing interior spaces, efficient use of space, logical room layout and visual appeal are significant factors. Using a sliding door instead of a swing door eliminates the door swing area, and takes up less space. Special room concepts can therefore be flexibly implemented tailored to individual requirements. They are therefore particularly suitable for private spaces.

  • Elegant and stylish with 60 mm drive height
  • Straightforward assembly and commissioning via plug & play
  • The low energy movement makes the drive suitable for use in private buildings
  • Drive with glass leaf or timber leaf to be provided by customer. 1-leaf or 2-leaf
  • Remote control with 4 operating modes: Auto/Open/Close/Exit
  • Bolt lock 24V (option)

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