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heavyMaster HM & HM-F

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The heavyMaster sliding-door drive is designed to assist with the opening and closing large heavy sliding panels. Sliding panels framed with thermally broken system profiles or steel profiles can also be combined with heavyMaster. The drives are certified to DIN 18650/EN 16005, type-tested by TÜV and comply with the current directives and standards. The HM-F drive system is tested and suitable for use in escape and rescue routes (AutSchR).

More details
heavyMaster HM & HM-F
  • Type HM-F: redundant drive with 2 motors for use in escape and rescue routes
  • Stable carriage with large wheels
  • Running smoothness thanks to carriage wheels with exchangeable rubber coating
  • Clear and simple operation
  • Optionally available with locking element in the carriage or floor/hook bolt lock (optional)
  • Delicate-appearing G30 profile system for sliding panels with up to 150 kg door leaf weight
  • Self-learning control system with many connection and adjustment options
  • Continuous floor guide (optional)

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