Floor spring UTS 840

Closing force size EN 3 or EN 4

  • Door closer for 1-leaf doors with door leaf widths up to 950 or 1100 mm

  • Closing force size EN 3 or EN 4

  • Stepless adjustment of the valve functions:

    • Closing speed

    • Latching speed

  • Mechanical backcheck from approx. 80 ° door opening

  • Installation height only 40 mm

  • Problem-free installation on door due to horizontal, lateral and vertical adjustment between housing and cement case

  • Thermomatic valves ensure a uniform closing speed in the event of temperature fluctuations

  • Max. door opening and closing angle 130°

  • Mechanical hold-open at 90° (can be triggered manually)

  • Replaceable, divided axle

  • Door closer type: Floor spring
  • Number of door leafs: Single-leaf
  • Maximale Türflügelbreite (1-flügelig, in mm): 1100
  • 1-leaf double-action swing doors

  • Door leaf widths

    • Size 3: up to 950 mm

    • Size 4: up to 1100 mm

  • For door leaf weights up to 120 kg


  • Cover plates must be ordered separately

  • Use casting compounds in outdoor and wet areas

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