Door technology

The Gretsch-Unitas group offers precisely harmonised system solutions for opening, moving, closing and securing doors. They meet various requirements such as fire protection, burglar inhibition, suitability for use with escape doors, access control, barrier freedom, convenience and aesthetics – irrespective of whether in new builds, extensions or retrofitting to existing systems.

Opening the door to the future

Nowadays, doors are increasingly expected to perform multiple functions. The door hardware and control technology therefore requires careful advance planning and harmonised components, e.g.

  • Panic and escape door or
  • access control

The Gretsch-Unitas group offers everything that ensures the smooth and trouble-free interplay between all components relating to the door: a broad selection of tested products, technical innovations, excellent quality and comprehensive services. This also includes expert technical advice, planning assistance with parts lists and drawings of the door engineering and corresponding Technical seminars.

Panik- und Fluchttüren

Lock expertise

Safety and operating convenience in any situation

The range of multi-point locks, which includes BKS mortise locks, GU multi-point locking systems of the GU SECURY system technology and striker concept, comprises a modular system which is available from GU group. The well thought-out product range can be used for all aluminium, timber, PVC or steel door systems, but also flexibly with standard, convenience and panic versions.

In this way, a project door can be flexibly adapted to changing requirements in the building.

The consistency and versatility of the range of locks that cater for extremely wide and varied requirements such as

  • Burglar inhibition,
  • smoke and fire protection,
  • panic function or
  • convenient solution

are unique on the market.

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