Data centre

In its IT Basic Protection Compendium 2019, the German Federal OFFICE for Information Security (BSI) not only describes the protection of data in the network, but also devotes individual chapters to the infrastructure of the building, the data processing center and the server room. To ensure a data center is operated securely, monitored entrances, mechanical and electronic burglar protection and video surveillance are required.

GEMOS DatacenterControl was specially developed to meet the security requirements of a modern data processing center to protect data against unauthorised access or destruction due to natural disasters or burglaries.

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Sensor barrier

User-friendly access comfort, high throughput capacity and sophisticated optics: sensor barriers offer outstanding solutions for controlled physical access. Eight integrated light barriers per lane monitor the interior, protect against unauthorised entry and ensure convenient contact-free access.

Access control via card reader, connected to GEMOS access.

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Security revolving door

Access to safety-sensitive areas within can be controlled through security revolving doors. In the initial position, the security revolving door is locked by means of a motor-driven brake system. The door is released via an access control system, access is controlled in both directions. Access is controlled from the outside by a hand vein scanner, and from the inside by a card reader, connected to GEMOS access.

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Automatic revolving door

The door to the server room is equipped with a swing door drive so it opens and closes automatically. Access is provided via an access control, the door is equipped with a motor-driven shoot-bolt lock. Access control on both sides via card reader, connected to GEMOS access.

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Safety-related equipment

  • Qognify video system
  • Fire alarm system
  • Access control with GEMOS access
  • Deister key management system

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