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GSI security revolving door

Access control in the narrowest space

Security revolving doors and security curved sliding doors are the compact secure access solution. Available in many different sizes, materials and surfaces, they can easily be integrated into the project architecture, which results in a tailor-made solution every time.

Despite the tight security measures, the entrance is still spacious and conveys a sense of openness and transparency thanks to the large amount of glass. Using delicate profile systems offers plenty of scope for design in addition to keeping people safe.

In conjunction with an access control system, the controlled physical access can provide reliable control in buildings or building areas with sensitive security requirements. Whether with a chip, card or fingerprint scanner: the security revolving doors and security curved sliding doors can be flexibly adapted to the access control systems of the Gretsch Unitas group or other systems on the market. This means they offer maximum flexibility in new builds and for retrofitting.

In the initial position, the security revolving door is locked by means of a motor-driven brake system. The door is released via an access control system. Unauthorised persons are conducted out of the drum in the exit direction.

More details
  • Access control, even in high-traffic areas
  • Access control in both directions
  • Draught-free and always soundproof access control
  • Manual or automatic night shield
  • Contact mat for monitoring
  • Electro-motorised locking at the turnstile and/or with mechanical shoot-bolt locks
  • Easy adaptation to on-site access control systems
  • Different materials and finishes for individual solutions

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