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With comparatively exceptionally compact dimensions, the OTS 73x series of slide-rail closers combines attractive design with straightforward opening – in compliance with the standards DIN SPEC 1104 and DIN 18040 for barrier-free construction. The high level of opening convenience is achieved using the double-heart curve technology and optional free-swing function.

All product types – even the freewheel door closers – have uniform dimensions, hole patterns and appearance, which ensures that when a range of door closer variants are used, the resulting overall impression is harmonious.

Compact and elegant design

The covers and the slide arm are available in different materials and finishes and can thus be selected to fit the door and the surrounding architecture.

The modular system

The right solution for every application

School, hotel or airport? Single or double-leaf doors? Installation on the hinge-side or the side opposite to hinges? Transom or standard installation? Each door closer is an individual answer to specific building situations and door variants. The innovative modular system of the OTS 73x series meets these requirements in every respect which makes it much easier to plan and install any application.

Possible uses range from simple door closing to fire protection all the way through to barrier freedom. In addition, the modular system allows fast retrofitting and easy incorporation of additional functions when implementing special solutions.

advantages at a glance

  • The slide rail, slide arm, mounting plate and axle extension are identical and can be combined in all versions
  • Easy and fast retrofitting of additional components: for extending scope of functions with special solutions
  • Flexible individual assembly: for more or less any project-specific requirements
  • Uniform, concealed mounting plate to EN 1154
Das Baukastensystem für Türschließer

Surface-mounted door closer with slide rail

Performance features

  • Door closer for single and double-leaf doors
  • Approved for use on fire and smoke protection doors
  • Closing force size according to EN 1154

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Aufliegender Türschließer mit Gleitschiene

Surface-mounted door closer with stay-arm

Overhead door closers with stay-arm can be used on single-leaf inside and exterior doors on the hinge side and side opposite the hinges and also on fire and smoke protection doors. The are easy to install, and can be flexibly adjusted. Plastic valves with optimum thermal characteristics guarantee a consistent closing speed also with changes in temperature.

Performance features

  • Door closer for single-leaf doors
  • Tested and certified in accordance with EN 1154
  • Controlled closing from every opening angle

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Aufliegender Türschließer mit Scherenarm

Concealed door closer

To meet the highest expectations in terms of design and functionality, the new generation of door closers also includes a concealed model.

Performance features

  • Door closer for single-leaf doors concealed in door leaf
  • Tested and certified in accordance with EN 1154
  • Heart curve technology allows the door to be opened and accessed very easily and comfortably.
  • Suitable for barrier-free construction in compliance with DIN 18040 (up to EN 3)

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Verdeckt liegender Türschließer

Door closer with slide rail and freewheel function

The OTS 73x FL OTS 73x FL freewheel slide-rail door closer has been tested to EN 1155 and is perfect for barrier free situations at fire rated doors in kindergartens, residential homes for the elderly, etc. The electrical freewheel function allows unrestricted movement and the user can therefore pass easily through the door as if no door closer were installed – but the door still shuts securely in the event of fire.

The series covers all applications with its innovative modular system: the components are simply combined to meet requirements and adjusted individually. This not only makes planning, but also installation and retrofitting, easier.

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Floor spring

As the name suggests, floor springs are recessed in the floor. The are installed with top pivots or slide rail. Floor springs can be installed in steel and timber frames, in rebated and unrebated doors.

The floor spring is housed in a protective box and is permanently connected to the floor. The floor spring normally has a cover plate.

Floor springs have a number of advantages: they have a very high load-bearing capacity and are a reliable system. They also do not detract from the appearance of the door element. There are no projecting components.

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Performance features

  • UTS door closer for single-leaf doors with door leaf widths up to 950 or 1100 mm
  • Closing force size EN 3 or EN 4
  • Stepless adjustment of valve functions: closing speed, latching speed, mechanical backcheck from approx. 80° door opening angle
  • Installation height only 40 mm
  • Problem-free installation on door due to horizontal, lateral and vertical adjustment between housing and cement case
  • Thermomatic valves ensure a uniform closing speed in the event of temperature fluctuations
  • Mechanical hold-open at 90° (can be triggered manually)
  • Replaceable, divided axle
  • Number of door leaves: single-leaf
  • Maximum door leaf width (single-leaf, 1100 mm)

Crank closer

These door closers are surface-mounted retro door closers with scissor-action arm. The have a crank drive and can be installed in single-leaf doors.

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