GU PVC adhesive

GU PVC adhesive is used by specialist companies for constructional gluing of hard PVC parts:

  • In window construction for gluing additional profiles such as weatherboards, rain deflectors, rebates and shutter boards
  • In sanitary applications for gluing pipework, gutters and the like
  • In exhibition stand and sign construction, for constructional gluing of integral rigid foam panels, e.g. Forex made from hard PVC

GU PVC adhesive is characterised by excellent thermal endurance and outstanding resistance to UV radiation. The adhesive was tested and found suitable in terms of the requisite weather-fast properties for use in window construction in 1988 by the officially acknowledged testing facility for plastics – the Süddeutsches Kunststoff-Zentrum in Würzburg – taking into consideration RAL guidelines 716/1 section 3.2.5, which is to say that there is no yellowing of the adhesive.

  • Area of application: PVC adhesive and PVC cleaner

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