GU PVC cleaner, dissolving


  • GU PVC cleaner, dissolving, is used by specialist companies as a slightly dissolving cleaning agent for profiles made of hard PVC, white, in plastic window construction

GU PVC cleaner, dissolving, is particularly suited to preparation for gluing or for removing marks and rough dirt, as well as for cleaning a variety of non-transparent thermoplastics and duroplasts in a wide range of industrial applications. The cleaned profiles, together with GU PVC adhesive, were tested and found suitable in terms of their weather-fast properties by the officially acknowledged testing facility for plastics – the Süddeutsches Kunststoff-Zentrum in Würzburg – taking into consideration RAL guidelines 716/1 Part 1, section 3.2.5.

  • Area of application: PVC adhesive and PVC cleaner

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