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Perfected technology for Parallel-Slide doors

This Parallel-Slide hardware system without a tilting function can be used in all the usual standard window profiles. The opening or closing sash moves in parallel with the frame and cannot warp. It meets the individual demands of frequently changing users in relation to convenience and security, in large projects, hotels or public buildings for example.

The high quality of the hardware ensures its faultless functioning over many years, even with large opening widths and high sash weights. Owing to the combination of PVC-coated ball-bearing-supported (i.e. maintenance-free) rollers in the scissor sliders at the top and the bogies at the bottom, the sliding sashes slide gently and quietly into their open or closed position.

Cleverle locking cam

Cleverle locking cam

The Cleverle automatic cam compensates for rebate clearances of between 8.5 and 15 mm in conjunction with the standard striker, simplifying installation and maintenance.

Clip connection

Clip connection

The drive-gear and stay-guide's connection is implemented both safely and practically, thanks to the clip-in function.

Linear, automated-machinery compatible connection

Linear, automated-machinery compatible connection

Build windows cost-effectively: the linear connection simplifies automated-machinery fabrication.

Straight(forward) cropping

Straight(forward) cropping

Easily crop drive-gears and stay-guides to the required length – no special staggered punching machinery required: also ideally suited for subsequent cutting on site.

  • Ball-bearing supported rollers ensure smooth and noiseless movement of the sashes
  • Outstanding quality due to the tried-and-tested bogies of the Tilt&Slide hardware
  • Mishandling device installed as standard in the central locking system
  • Up to 200 kg sash weight
  • Sash width up to 2000 mm
  • Permanent corrosion protection with ferGUard*silver surface sealing

Parallel-Slide hardware for timber and PVC


  • Sash rebate width 640 - 2000 mm
  • Sash height 730 - 2350 mm
  • Sash weight up to 130 kg*

*with tandem scissor-slider at top and bottom up to 200 kg

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Parallel-Slide hardware for aluminium


  • Sash rebate width 600 - 2000 mm
  • Sash height 730 - 2800 mm
  • Sash weight 130* kg

*With tandem bogie for sash weight up to 200 kg

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Parallel-Slide lightweight hardware PSL

The newly developed PSL hardware is an exceptionally tight Parallel-Slide system for PVC or aluminium systems.


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