35XV Residences

35XV is a unique hybrid building with mixed use which was built in the middle of a square block in Chelsea, an economically diverse and historical quarter in New York City. The marble-clad base of the lower six storeys houses the extension of a historical secondary school with classrooms and a basketball hall.

The upper part of the 25-storey high-rise building has a sculpturally angled shape of the glass. A fitness studio, a lounge, a children's playroom, a wine bar and a community terrace are located on the seventh floor. From the eighth storey up, there are 55 flats of different sizes.

The building forms a complex three-dimensional puzzle with clearly defined zoning for the different uses.

Two identities have arisen: One of the street/city and one of the sky: a cubic base made of stone, which continues the materiality of the surroundings buildings, while the chamfered shape of the tower and the "fish scale-like" glass cladding are used to mirror the changing sky and dematerialise the tower. This creates an individual but nevertheless unmistakably contemporary street facade that reflects the functional needs of the secondary school whilst simultaneously celebrating an attachment to the location.

GU solution: Top-Hung window, outward with pneumatic springs