The Bower

The Bower is the renovation of a 1960s building located directly on the Old Street roundabout. A mixture of retail units, restaurants and larger multi-storey offices is housed in the converted office block, the warehouse at the rear and several smaller new buildings that border the piece of land and surround the former mews.

Using the 1960s prefabricated style of architecture as a basis, the tallest building was dismantled, expanded and provided with a new facade. The two large structures added to the sides not only scale the building in relation to the city, they also offer two-storey zones to expand the office areas. On the ground floor, a large part of the biggest building has been left open to create a pedestrian link from Old Street to Baldwin Street. The project expands on AHMM’s involvement in the large-scale renovation of the Old Street area, a part of London that is rapidly evolving into East London’s own tech city.

The Bower is an Old Street landmark. A varied, modern and lively restaurant and shopping scene is spread across 320,000 square metres. The Bower was designed by the award-winning architects AHMM and consists of a combination of three buildings, each of which has its own unique character and are united in both their function and integrity.

Completed in 2018, the tower was designed with the aim of highlighting traditional differences between the creative world and the corporate world. It offers almost 16,000 square metres of office space.

GU solution: concealed four-jointed Turn-Only hinges and concealed built-in Euro Solid twin-catch stays, special design for outward-opening Tilt-Only windows up to 250 kg as ventilation openings for the fire brigade, and AK 8 exit devices.