Lift&Slide Fascination – reinvented by the inventor

Gretsch-Unitas has more than 60 years of Lift&Slide expertise: by inventing the Lift&Slide system, Gretsch-Unitas set standards for outstanding functionality, comfort, security and design. Thanks to many enhancements and additional packages, individual Lift&Slide solutions perfectly tailored to customer requirements can be designed and retrofitted. GU hardware has a fabricator-friendly design, and a wide range of fixing accessories, and one-to-one support with planning and construction is available.

Guide rail P1850


Guide rail P1786/P2301


Lift&Slide Fascination – video

Our video showcases our expertise in Lift&Slide elements which spans more than 60 years. Let yourself be inspired!

Overview of our features

Well designed and long-lasting: the basics

Even the standard components are impressive owing to a well thought out design and construction which ensures problem-free functionality of all Lift&Slide components which normally lasts the entire lifetime of the Lift & Slide element. Users enjoy exceptional ease of movement and running smoothness of the sliding elements, straightforward operation when opening and closing and sophisticated barrier-free thresholds.


Uncompromising comfort

The strategic direction of Gretsch-Unitas is primarily driven by system solutions for added comfort and safety. The aim is to deliver hardware to fabricators and users that offers outstanding ease of use.


Tested security for maximum burglar inhibition

Thanks to the burglar-inhibiting design of its many hardware components, Gretsch-Unitas gives its customers greater peace of mind, because they know they are effectively protected against manipulation attempts.

The PVC systems are tested at least to DIN EN 1627-1630 RC 2, and the timber hardware is also tested up to RC 3. With Gretsch-Unitas, every element can essentially be designed to satisfy the stringent requirements of resistance class RC 3. In addition, all Gretsch-Unitas Lift&Slide hardware is certified for retrofitting according to DIN 18104-2.

We provide assistance with planning and design.


Safe movement of the Lift&Slide door

Over the years there has been a strong development in the trend towards large-format Lift&Slide doors with maximum opening widths. The Lift&Slide sashes, which are also installed in commercial or public buildings and are also used by different people, are becoming increasingly heavier. It is important to ensure they can be moved safely and easily, without causing injury to persons, or damage to the element or building structure. The experience and technical prowess of Gretsch-Unitas gives it the leading edge which is proving to be successful in moving large and heavy Lift&Slide elements comfortably and safely.


Secure and convenient ventilation

Night ventilation for Lift&Slide doors: open but still securely locked

With the night ventilation for Lift&Slide doors, Gretsch-Unitas has successfully developed an innovative solution, as the RC 2-tested night ventilation allows the sliding sash to be put in the ventilation position but also provides effective burglar resistance by locking the sliding sash securely to the frame in this position.


Design-oriented and technically sound

Large-format glass frontages have a decisive impact as architectural design elements. Complex technical solutions are required to meet the increasing demands in relation to the security and comfort of Lift&Slide doors. The expectations in relation to the aesthetic quality of buildings are however also increasing. The function and design of Gretsch-Unitas will enthuse and delight in equal measure.


Service: more than just products

All from a single source: in addition to the product and advice, Gretsch-Unitas also provides many services tailored to individual customer requirements.


Find the right hardware for your profiles and assemble the components – go to the product database.

Information material to download

You can download our reissued order catalogues here. They contain 500 to 600 pages of clearly laid out and fully updated information, so you will find everything you need for your order. You can also download the newly redesigned Lift&Slide fascination brochure, which presents all of our Lift&Slide features.

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