Basic and practical seminar

Whether beginner or professional: Our basic and practical seminars always offer the appropriate training. Topics such as current standards and new products are always taught in a current and target group-oriented manner. This is also ensured by the division into introductory basic seminars and advanced courses. In the advanced seminars, product-specific detailed knowledge is deepened and developed and trained for the respective specialist area.

Compact seminar

Here our experts teach the contents of the classic seminar as well as the corresponding advanced seminar in just one day of training. Initial basic knowledge of the respective topic complex is a prerequisite for participation.

Expert seminar with authorisation/licensing

Training for authorization: Anyone who wants to offer certain services such as RC licensing window elements needs appropriate authorization. You can acquire this legal option in our specialist seminars with authorisation. In seminars with authorization, specialized companies obtain the license to manufacture, distribute and maintain individual products of the GU-group.

Practical and expert seminar

Experience counts: Our practical and expert seminars combine legal aspects with practical exercises. This is where assembly, parameterisation and commissioning of plants takes place. By successfully passing the test, the participant is authorized to carry out initial acceptance of the systems and to carry out recurring tests and maintenance.