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GEMOS advanced PSIM and GEMOS access components

When developing the hardware products, particular attention has been paid to user-friendly installation. A product range has emerged from many years of experience and by integrating customer requirements that offers a wide selection of options to enable the installation can be carried out quickly and professionally in every situation.

The offer is rounded off by a selection of approved compatible accessory components, such as power supply units, special micromodules, converters and cap contacts.

GEMOS access – connection to BKS FTNT escape door control units

Ensuring the functional interplay of various products on a door places high demands on products and planning. Especially escape doors with additional locking elements require considerable effort during planning and commissioning. Complex functions are easy to implement with the GEMOS access module (GAM), the FTNT escape door control unit and the specific BKS bus. What makes this application special is the combination of a card reader and terminal in a two-section frame. The usual key switch can be omitted here. Activation and acknowledgement are effected locally by card without the necessity of additional wiring or programming. Within the scope of assigning rights, people can receive specific acknowledgement rights. Management of additional keys is now a thing of the past.

GEMOS and GEMOS access sales contact

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