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Gretsch-Unitas provides new solutions which provide convincing answers to current challenges in the industry and therefore sets the trends for the future in the international market. At the same time tried-and-tested products are also continually developed thus securing their active future. After all, GU group nurtures a distinctive culture of innovation. More than 1,400 patents GU has registered up till now for its designs are testament to this. They set standards in the industry – now and in the future.

In-house development is a particular strength of the brands. After all, the GU experts always adopt a system-based approach when working on new solutions and products. While they have a full overview of the individual product and its strengths, they also look beyond the product and consider the networking options and potential compatibility with the Gretsch-Unitas solutions world. This approach to development is possible because the engineers always keep the overriding objectives of applying the technology – such as security and comfort, barrier freedom and efficiency – in their sights.


The right hardware for every window solution

This is because windows have developed into internationally traded goods to an increasing extent over recent years. As a result, fabricators in this global market have got to offer many different variants. This is where Gretsch-Unitas sets the standards as a tried-and-tested partner to the window industry. After all, GU has the right hardware solution for every window.

Advice and service from a solutions partner

Our traditionally international outlook is the key to our success on the global market. This includes a strong presence as solutions partner, and always being close at hand to provide advice and service to customers. GU employees can after all support their projects all round the world in more than 50 production and sales companies: highly committed, with a high degree of technical problem-solving expertise and specific knowledge of the conditions, standards and guidelines in the respective markets. The result is impressive solutions incorporating Gretsch-Unitas technology – in office buildings, airports, public authorities, luxury hotels, schools, hospitals and privately owned homes.

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The UNIversal principle

With the UNI-JET central locking system GU group is offering a Tilt&Turn hardware systemwhich can be used universally for all opening types and materials with a 16 mm hardware groove. All concealed and surface-mounted Tilt&Turn hardware from Gretsch-Unitas has the same central locking system which can be used for all frame materials.

The UNI-JET M can carry sash weights up to 200 kg and roomhigh sashes up to a height of 2800 mm – without requiring any additional components. Ease of movement when opening and closing is also ensured up to the security level RC 3 – with a 10-year operational warranty.

Our harmonised system components are tested as integrated systems at the GU in-house testing centre. – this leads to cost savings and provides legal certainty for fabricators.

Standard hardware intelligently supplemented – special solutions

Modern, creative architecture places very high demands on the design and function of facades. Their form and function can be implemented thanks to the unusual expertise from Gretsch-Unitas. This is because experts take project-related special parts developed exclusively for individual projects as innovative engineering work and combine them with elements from the tried-and-tested GU assortment. In this way, the requirements for novel opening types and shapes of windows can be met whilst retaining unique aesthetic appeal, while the costs for the fabricator remain totally competitive.

The range of services extends from technical planning and design through to production of the special parts and handling of projects together with customers all over the world.

Individually designed facades incorporating Gretsch-Unitas technology are not just architecturally appealing, they also satisfy the highest of expectations with respect to functionality, ventilation, thermal insulation and burglar protection.

Facade solutions

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