Tested security for maximum burglar inhibition up to RC 3

Thanks to the burglar-inhibiting design of its many hardware components, Gretsch-Unitas gives its customers greater peace of mind, because they know they are effectively protected against manipulation attempts.

The PVC systems are tested at least to DIN EN 1627-1630 RC 2, and the timber hardware is also tested up to RC 3. With Gretsch-Unitas, every element can essentially be designed to satisfy the stringent requirements of resistance class RC 3. In addition, all Gretsch-Unitas Lift&Slide hardware is certified for retrofitting according to DIN 18104-2.

We provide assistance with planning and design.

  • Electronic locking monitoring with magnetic switch, VdS-tested: open or locked, recognisable at a glance
  • L&S meeting-stile security profile: anti-jemmy device, with secure grip
  • Lockable DIRIGENT turn handle: a firm handle on security
  • Anti-jemmy device: prevents the window sash from being lifted and tipped out of the frame.
  • Night ventilation for Lift&Slide doors: open but still securely locked

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