ADAGIO series – interior/exterior turn handle

The design of the ADAGIO window handles is characterised by round and soft forms. They are a comfortable to hold and easy to operate.
Product range: aluminium interior and exterior handles for timber, PVC and metal windows and balcony-doors.

Technical data

Interior rosette28 x 67 mm (round)
Detent90° or 90° and 45° F/SP
LugØ 10 mm
Length of lug
Square spindlefastened, 7 x 29, 7 x 33, 7 x 38 or 7 x 43 mm
Key bittingF/Z keyed alike
Rosette coverpivotable
  • For elements of: PVC, Timber, Aluminium
  • Area of application: Window
  • Handle version: inside, outside
  • Handle material: Aluminium

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