SAN REMO series – interior turn handle

The distinctive feature of SAN REMO window handles is their linear yet soft grip design, which means they fit snugly in the hand and are easy to operate.
Product range: aluminium interior handles for timber, PVC and metal windows and balcony-doors.

Technical data

Interior rosette
Detent90° or 90° and 45° F/SP
Lugfixed, Ø 10 mm
Length of lug
Square spindlefixed, square 7 x 29, 7 x 33 or 7 x 38 mm
Key bittingF/Z keyed alike
Rosette coverpivotable
  • For elements of: PVC, Timber, Aluminium
  • Area of application: Window
  • Handle version: inside
  • Handle material: Aluminium

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