GRIMMWELT Kassel is an exhibition building that celebrates the works, influence and life of the Brothers Grimm. The exhibition building offers interactive presentations of the German dictionary, the fairytales and the lives of Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm. It is split into 25 areas which are named after words in the German dictionary. GRIMMWELT also hosts temporary special exhibitions.

Exhibition building for the presentation of the works of the Brothers Grimm

GRIMMWELT is sited on the southern edge of the vineyard in the middle of an attractive heritage protected park landscape. The special atmosphere of the site is shaped by terraces, old stone steps and fragments of walls. The resulting interior space has split levels arranged round a central space on which the individual focal themes of the exhibition are presented in an exciting dialogue.

The stair is a central design motif and shapes the building – as does the walk-on flat roof which gently rises in expansive steps and is used as a terrace for public events and viewing point over the surroundings.

The characteristic style of the terraced landscape is echoed by an open spatial structure in which visual connections are established between the various zones and visitors are invited to explore the exhibition.

The entrance of the exhibition building comprises a foyer with ticket office, museum shop and waiting zone which opens into a light-filled café on the south side. In this area, expansive glazing opens up a panoramic view over the landscape and the ceiling curves in empathy with the staircase above it. The ceilings and walls of the entrance level are clad in slender long timber strips that visually stretch and expand the interior.

GU solution: janus mechanical master key system and panic locks of BKS for one and two-leaf doors.

Kassel and the GRIMMWELT are recognised internationally by the media as a worthwhile destination. The English-speaking newspaper »The Guardian« praised GRIMMWELT as one of the ten »best new museums« worldwide. In an online poll held by the architectural magazine »German Architects« GRIMMWELT, designed by the firm of architects kadawittfeldarchitektur in Aachen, was voted »Building of the year 2015«. GRIMMWELT also received a mention in the Condé Nast Traveler in 2015 under the section »10 Biggest Museum Openings of the Year: The fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm come to life at this new family-centric museum, built in the authors' hometown of Kassel«.

GRIMMWELT was awarded the marketing prize »German Brand Award 2016« and the polis Award in 2016 for urban and real estate development in the category »Liveable open space«. In Autumn 2016 a commendation was given in the German urban development prize for the vineyard area and successful integration of the GRIMMWELT. National Geographic writes under the section »best summer trips 2016«: »Kassel, home of the new GRIMMWELT (Grimm World museum (opened September 2015), is known as the capital of the German Fairy Tale Route«.

GRIMMWELT Kassel was among the four finalists of the DAM German Architecture Museum Award in 2017. In January 2017 it received a special award from the GrimmHeimat NordHessen organisation as part of the tourism prize in 2017. »The architecture and content of the outstanding exhibition hall is of international standing and directs the attention of tourists not only to Kassel, but to the whole of the Grimmheimat NordHessen« the jury explained. On the 24 March 2017, GRIMMWELT Kassel received the 12th North Hessian marketing prize from the Marketingclub Nordhessen for »a cohesive marketing concept presented in multi-award winning architecture«. On 29 July 2017, GRIMMWELT Kassel received a »Special Mention« as employer brand in the section »Excellence in Brand Strategy, Management and Creation« as part of the »German Brand Award 2017«.

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