Hafenspitze, Hyatt-Hotel

The structure which is around 55 metres high with uninterrupted glazing consists of two towers. In order to express the different functions on the exterior, the two more or less identically designed buildings cantilever sixteen metres in opposing directions from the sixth storey upwards. The form which is based on old harbour cranes is not only a striking architectural climax to the building project on the narrow peninsula, it also echoes the industrial history of the area. The tower which faces north-west provides office space on 17 floors. The other tower contains the Hyatt Regency Hotel which has more than 300 rooms and faces south-east to the old town and commercial harbour.

GU solution: the revolving door in the office building with an overall height of 7.86 metres is one of the tallest in Europe and presented a particular structural challenge. The clearance height is 4.24 metres above which a glass cylinder is placed. Revolving door in office tower: type GRA special component, fully automatic, clearance height 4,350 mm, glass cylinder above revolving door, thus obtaining an overall height of 7,860 mm, glazing made of laminated sheet safety glass – Parsol grey glass. Revolving door Hyatt: type GRA special component, fully automatic, clearance height 3,750 mm, crown concealed in the suspended ceiling of the building, includes air curtain system.

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