Broadway London, UK

The Broadway offers luxury living in a brand-new, highly sought-after neighbourhood, which combines Westminster’s historic heritage with modern life in a vibrant city. The surrounding area and the design of the six striking towers result in a new street located in the heart of the district. This dazzling new neighbourhood offers an exclusive collection of retail and office spaces, which lead to a colourful, public square with cafés and art, music and markets. This unique environment, which is perfectly suited to modern, active city living, combines work with shopping, food and entertainment.


The buildings were named after three of the world’s most famous diamonds – The Sancy, The Paragon and The Cullinan.

Development of residential projects

The Broadway is a new prestigious project coinciding with the upgrades to the Victoria area and involves the former headquarters of New Scotland Yard being converted into 258 apartments in six towers. The project covers six residential buildings, two commercial platforms and additional retail units on the northern side of the site.

Designed by Squire & Partners, the project forms a transition between the historic area to the north and the modern architecture along Victoria Street.

The facades feature six different patterns inspired by Art Deco and fashion. The unique diamond-shaped facades are of the highest standard. During the design process, close attention was paid to using materials typical for the neighbourhood’s architecture, such as sandstone and brick.

The six residential blocks on the podium are designed to break up the former mass of buildings and open up an unparalleled view of the nearby important Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben and Buckingham Palace.

Window systems

  • Structured silicone all-purpose glazing
  • Encapsulated, all-purpose glazing system
  • Pre-hung glass facade in mullion-transom structure
  • Glazed elements with expanded aluminium mesh
  • Glazed balustrades

Squire and Partners is an architecture and design office with four decades of experience. It employs over 150 architects in a friendly and integrated office, where hard work is combined with an active social life and strong team spirit.

The office’s prize-winning portfolio includes master plans, residential buildings, offices, retail units, educational facilities and public buildings. The office also has its own interior design department, which has developed a series of bespoke product ranges. The office spends a lot of time researching and developing construction materials that respond to the environment and are able to cooperate with it.

The approach focuses on responding to the context, purchasing the best construction materials and delivering an intricately detailed product, whereby parts of the city are always created as stand-alone design statements.

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GU solution:

  • Window solutions for 1000 windows and in 800 different formats.
  • Outward-opening Top-Hung windows and Turn-Only windows with S800 special hinge, gas pressure spring (for Top-Hung windows), automatically latching, locking opening restrictor controlled via the handle ALU-JET 10 with special corner-drive combined from UNI-JET, partially RC 2.
  • Outward-opening Turn-Only windows with S800 special hinge, automatically latching, locking opening restrictor controlled via the handle. ALU-JET 10 with special corner-drive combined from UNI-JET, as welle as special corner-drive for angles > 150°, partially RC 2.
  • Outward-opening Projecting Top-Hung windows, automatically latching, locking opening restrictor controlled via the handle. ALU-JET 10 and special corner-drive and special gear combined from UNI-JET, partially RC 2.
  • Specially designed window handle

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