The Madison

The Madison is a 181-metre tower along the Marsh Wall on the Isle of Dogs. This project, which was managed by a residential property firm, is made up of 423 luxury apartments, a spa, a gym and public landscaped gardens, which make up 70% of the plot due to the sleek, elegant nature of the tower.

The powerful glass facade is divided up with a tapestry of undulating fins, which are a reference to the surrounding water. These fins create a Moiré effect that change the building’s appearance throughout the day.

“Our primary objective for The Madison, which is located on the Isle of Dogs, is to provide existing and incoming residents with better access to public spaces in this rapidly evolving area of London.

Our design is inspired by the flowing atmosphere in the surrounding Docklands area. The elegant 53-storey residential unit is brought to life by a fin-clad facade, which creates a Moiré-coloured crimp effect and forms an anchor with its slanted roof and slim silhouette.

A dramatic cut through the building creates a supply level and contextual separation. The taller upper section makes reference to the towers in neighbouring Canary Wharf, while the bottom half is inspired by the low-lying docks. By designing this tower to be as slim as possible, we were able to give 70% of the land back to the public and fill this space with a large garden and children’s playground.

The complex will not only provide a home for hundreds of Londoners, it will also be a place for everyone to come. And it will really improve access to the water and Canary Wharf behind it.”

Frank Filskow, project manager, Make

The building won the prize for the “Best Tall Residential Project” in the Tall Building Awards in July 2022.

Source: Make Architects

GU solution: facade technology, hardware for swing leaves, Projecting Top-Hung windows

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