BKS GmbH certified according to DIN 14675 – Fire detection and fire alarm systems

BKS GmbH has been certified as a specialist company for fire alarm and voice alarm systems since 2 October 2020.

For each operating phase of fire alarm and voice alarm systems, BKS now has the certificates required by the DIN 14675, which serve as proof of conformity with the requirements of DIN 14675:2018-04.

This includes the planning, design, assembly, installation, commissioning, acceptance, servicing and maintenance, whether for new systems or for expansions, modifications and adaptations of existing systems.

DIN 14675 specifies requirements for the construction and operation of systems for fire detection, warning and alerting in and around buildings with special consideration of building regulations and fire brigade requirements. It is drawn up by the Firefighting and Fire Protection Standards Committee (FNFW) and describes the professional installation and operation of fire alarm systems that trigger a direct notification of the fire brigade. It is applied in Germany and covers all fire brigade-relevant topics such as connection and standardised fire brigade peripherals.

With this certification, we are expanding the portfolio for our customers with our "Connect" specialist department. We also provide this service in connection with our management system (PSIM) GEMOS and offer our customers a visualisation of all safety components, among other things.