Efficiency and flexibility with SECURY 19 multi-point locks by BKS

Thanks to the switchable panic side with split follower and reversible latchbolt, the SECURY 19 multi-point locks guarantee maximum flexibility for single- and double-leaf narrow stile doors together with a reduction in warehousing. The additional flexibility is especially advantageous for on-site installation.

More security

The three latchbolts of the multi-point lock close manually in the secured position with 20 mm throw and ensures reliable locking. An optional "moni-toring package" which includes the contacts required for the latchbolt, cylinder locking cam and follower is available.

SECURY system technology

A uniform faceplate length of 1750 mm for all lock variants, in addition, faceplate extensions in 300 mm, 500 mm and 800 mm are available for SECURY 19. Boreholes for through-fixed hardware, also for narrow stile rosettes.

A well-rounded product range

Panic locks, electrically coupled locks, motor-driven locks with A-opener, monitoring contacts and a „non panic lock“ round off the SECURY 19 product range.