Gretsch-Unitas cancels participation at BAU 2021

Even if various loosening measures make an end to the crisis seem foreseeable, this - unprecedented - exceptional situation is still not predictable.

BAU in Munich is a very important trade fair for the Gretsch-Unitas group of companies. Planning for participation in the fair in January 2021 has already begun. Product launches and the presentation of system solutions for the exhibition stand were concretised.

Before further capacities and investments are tied up in projects that are difficult to plan, the GU Group has decided to cancel its participation.

"I assume that a normal trade fair with many international visitors will still not be possible in January 2021. Nor can the potential risk of infection be foreseen today," says Julius von Resch, Managing Director of the GU Group. "We are very sorry to cancel our participation. BAU is an important marketplace for us. Now we want to concentrate on using the freed-up capacities for projects and developments that support our customers and partners in a goal-oriented manner in order to jointly cushion the effects of the crisis and to reposition ourselves.

There will be a world after the crisis. We will therefore invest in our future viability.