HS LiftUnit for Lift&Slide doors – new installation video

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HS LiftUnit for Lift&Slide doors

Makes light work of lifting heavy sashes: GU has added the HS LiftUnit to its range in order to noticeably reduce the operating force on the handle of a manual Lift&Slide door. The HS LiftUnit greatly facilitates operation of the Lift&Slide door, especially for high sash weights, as the torque on the handle is reduced by 50%. It can be retrofitted to existing Lift&Slide doors.

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More extra equipment for Lift&Slide hardware from Gretsch-Unitas

The extra equipment offers a modular system allowing the individual demands of end users to be met with regard to convenience, security and functionality.

The L&S night vent module combines burglar protection with optimum ventilation comfort. Elements with integrated L&S night vent module are RC 2-tested to DIN V ENV 1627, which means they are securely locked even in the ventilation position.

HS SilentClose: the Lift&Slide sash brakes when opening or closing a few centimetres before reaching the end position then moves automatically to the end position.

HS StopUnit: the Lift&Slide sash stops safely before the end position and is then pushed and locked manually into its end position.

HS SpeedLimiter: uncontrolled acceleration of the sliding sash is prevented by limiting the speed to 0.2 m/s.

The handle damper ensures rebound-free controlled rotational movement of the turn handle.

The rubber buffer brakes the sash when it is opened with a high momentum to avoid damage to the Lift&Slide sash and frame.

Tension spring in Lift&Slide gear reduces the operating force on the turn handle. It offers an alternative to the HS LiftUnit, but with a significantly reduced operating force.

Thanks to the lowering safeguard, light window sashes are closed in a tight and controlled manner.

The anti-jemmy device prevents the sliding sash from being lifted in the closed position.

Thanks to the RONDO turn handle extended to a length of 400 mm, the turn handle can be comfortably operated, e.g. from a sitting position.

The bogies ensure easy movement of the Lift&Slide sashes.

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