Relaunch of the BKS planning and ordering software MasterKeySystem (MKS)

The browser-based MasterKeySystem (MKS) is the planning and ordering platform from BKS specifically for locking systems. The software simplifies planning and ordering – such as extensions of existing systems and re-ordering of keys and cylinders. MKS has a large number of useful functions that simplify the planning of the complete master key system and ensure that orders are processed smoothly. Online processing guarantees error-free data transfer, reduced planning effort, shortened procurement times and the constant up-to-dateness of the entire system.

The well-established and proven software has now been revised and made more secure and user-friendly. The user interface has been visually enhanced. The improved structure and simplified process flow systematically guides the user through the ordering process. The software will be available from autumn 2020.

It is now possible to import a key combination record including all functions in Excel format on the MKS platform, thus avoiding input errors and saving time. If subsequent changes are made to the Excel template, the file is simply reimported.

The security of the entire system, in particular the protocol transmission has been updated and improved.

The mobile security card reader ensures outstanding flexibility. The small device can be used to read in security cards directly on site or at a security hardware dealer. The data records are stored in the security card reader and can be used at a later date for re-ordering and expanding master key systems and registered differs via MKS.

The new MKS version is the basis for future updates, as BKS is constantly developing the software to improve functions, operation and security.

We offer five online seminars in German language for the new MKS