BKS networked worlds – opening of the showroom in Velbert, Germany

With 'BKS networked worlds', the GU group has created a showroom that is unlike any other, bringing scenarios of single-family and multi-family homes, retail, data centres, hospitals, hotels, campuses, prisons, petrol stations and drones to life and displaying the expertise for the different requirements regarding system solutions for access control, smoke and heat exhaust ventilation, hazard models, as well as escape and rescue routes. On 1000 square metres, the solutions from the service range of the BKS Connect division for electronic and mechanical security are showcased.

Based on the manufacturer-neutral GEMOS management system, BKS implements individual holistic solutions for networked building security in this division. The services offered range from planning to project development and maintenance.

"We enable many industry-specific solutions with our GEMOS management system, such as for penal facilities, data centres or hotels," says Jan Rippen, Sales Manager GSA BKS Connect. "In our new showroom, we can demonstrate such applications in a lifelike environment. The BKS showroom 'networked worlds' provides the opportunity for interaction with customers in order to discuss solutions, ideas and suggestions specifically related to the respective project."

"GEMOS is the most flexible system currently available on the European market," explains Jan Rippen. "We have developed around 800 interfaces in recent years and can integrate not only our own systems from the GU group, but also a wide range of solutions from other manufacturers, thus providing the entire control, operation and monitoring of safety-related equipment and buildings. In this way, we can implement a wide variety of industry-specific solutions."

Different systems can be integrated into the manufacturer-neutral platform and displayed uniformly on a single interface, for example fire alarm system, assault and intruder detection systems, video surveillance, access control, escape door control and sluice control, intercom and cell call systems, lighting control, air conditioning and lift control as well as building control systems. The modular system allows scalable solutions from single-user to company-wide multi-user systems.

Realistic scenarios

This range is also reflected in the new showroom. BKS shows a total of twelve sce-nrios in the showroom 'networked worlds': from single-family and multi-family homes to petrol stations, hotels, retail stores, campuses, data centres and hospitals. In each scenario, industry-specific electronic and mechanical security and building automation solutions can be seen, which are visualised, operated and interlinked down to the peripheral level with individually designed user interfaces of the GEMOS solution.

Focus on consultation

Individual consultation plays a key role in such networked solutions. "The technologies that are available today are comparable to a large extent," says Jan Rippen. "The crucial difference is the consulting expertise of the sales staff. The more complex and specialised the solution, the more important it is to have technical knowledge and experience regarding the systems used as well as the industry-specific requirements. Over the past years, we have built up a vast expertise in order to be able to advise planners, project developers and operators in a holistic manner and to implement the solutions together with specialised partners. Of course, all this has also been implemented in our showroom 'networked worlds'."

The new showroom is to play an important role in the market development of BKS Connect in the future. For 2022, about two dozen events are already planned, from the association conference to information seminars for architects and planners as well as industry-specific events for the hotel industry. The offer is also to be used extensively for individual customer appointments and training courses for partners and employees of the GU group.

In order to live up to the claim of being state-of-the-art, the company intends to continue investing in the new showroom to add scenarios and constantly update technologies.

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