Creative opening methods in the facade

The outer skin of a building is determined by its facade. Not only does it have to meet high aesthetic standards, but it also has to satisfy a multitude of ever-increasing building-physical requirements.

As specialist in all opening types for the facade, Gretsch-Unitas has built up formidable technical expertise over many years in the development of innovative opening mechanisms and also verifies they safely and cost-effectively satisfy the applicable standards and regulations. Here, the GU experts take project-related special components developed exclusively as engineering work and combine them with elements from the tried-and-tested GU range.

The full range of services extends from technical planning and design through to production of the special parts, functional checks at the company's own test centre and handling of projects together with customers all over the world. With hardware for Projecting Top-Hung, Parallel-Projecting, Horizontal-Pivot or Turn-Only windows, as well as special designs based on individual customer specifications, it is possible to satisfy demands for new methods of opening and window shapes with unique aesthetic qualities.

Challenging architectural solutions

When it comes to facade design, automatic doors make it possible to implement challenging architectural solutions. These door systems are not only recommended for public facilities such as hospitals, hotels and shops, they also provide more comfort, accessibility and hygiene in residential buildings.

Automatic sliding doors are particularly flexible: they look inviting, function quietly and can also be used in escape and rescue routes. Automatic sliding doors are easy and convenient to pass through. They are suitable as a modern, accessible, contact-free and hygienic entrance solution in public buildings, office buildings and supermarkets, airports and hotels, pharmacies and medical practices.

In large public buildings such as hotels, banks, insurance companies or airports, revolving doors serve as a design element for spacious architectural facade solutions. If the facades are to remain free of additional escape doors, the installation of the revolving doors GRA-F and the large-capacity revolving door GGR from GU Automatic, which are approved for escape and rescue routes, is a good option because the leaves can be folded away in the event of an escape.
Due to their design, three- or four-leaf revolving doors prevent draughts in the foyer. They contribute to energy efficiency in the building by separating the indoor and outdoor environment. Revolving doors achieve an optimum frequency of people, as it is possible to pass through the building from both the inside and outside at the same time. A night shield protects revolving doors from being misused outside of operating hours.

GU Automatic is renowned worldwide for its innovative, secure and reliable solutions for automatic entrance systems and door automation, revolving doors, all-glass sliding walls, security curved sliding doors and controlled physical access. Integrated into the Gretsch-Unitas group, GU Automatic also looks after the installation, commissioning and repair of automatic entrance systems.

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