GEMOS "Next Generation PSIM"

GEMOS – produced by ela-soft, powered by BKS Connect – is the leading browser-based security information management and organisation system (PSIM). At the beginning of the New Year 2021, the next evolutionary step towards the GEMOS 5 “Next Generation PSIM” will be completed.

GEMOS 5 marks a fundamental redesign of GEMOS PSIM (advanced physical security information system) from the core to the modular structure, new user interfaces (GUI) and master data management. This is also the biggest product overhaul in the history of our GEMOS family.

The previous performance features of GEMOS as a “security information management and organisation system" have been upgraded and innovative technologies have become an integral part, paving the way for the future.

The major modifications are:

GEMOS Refactoring (structural improvement of source codes while maintaining the observable programme behaviour) of all core processes.

The three pillars of GEMOS security:

Encryption: TLS cryptologies 1.3 – AES256 to BSI

Integrity: Safe operation and attack security

Availability: GEMOS redundancy concept solutions


  • GEMOS user authentication: Extensive support of security settings (password length/validity/complexity)
  • GEMOS Mosaic: Powerful 4th generation of visualisation, usage and control
  • GEMOS GUI Relaunch: Revision of the web-based user and operator interface while retaining free, individual and requirement-based design options
  • GEMOS – platform independent: Possible to use operating systems such as Windows or Linux on servers and workstations
  • GEMOS IPv6 ready: For “Next Generation” interfaces (manufacturer support
  • GEMOS Video: Browser-based HTML5 video stream integration, e.g. on H.264 basis, from various leading video management systems (live, archive), or ONVIF compatible or RTSP compatible IP cameras. Control of PTZ cameras
  • GEMOS – browser independent: Supports Microsoft Edge Chromium, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox
  • GEMOS server independence of the modular GEMOS interfaces to the different sub-systems. Server-based central control (installation, system configuration,
    updates) by GEMOS distribution and remote control service
  • Active directory authentication in GEMOS
  • GEMOS HTTP/2: Improved speed, increased efficiency and security of data
  • GEMOS Web API: Possibility of independent development of GEMOS user interfaces by partners
  • GEMOS SDK: Possibility of future independent development of GEMOS interfaces and GEMOS modules by partners
  • GEMOS Geographic Information Systems (GIS): Supports mapping of fixed and dynamically acting sensors using GPS coordinates

Of course all known functionalities and modules of the GEMOS 4 generation are included and the proven system will continue to be performed and supported.

Further modules, the latest interfaces, new strategic partnerships and a GEMOS Enterprise solution, which will define a new standard in the market, are part of the Roadmap 2021 and will be published successively.