Highlights of the Gretsch-Unitas group

Although we cancelled our participation at the BAU 2021 trade fair early, this does not of course mean that we have stopped designing new products or further developing our portfolio for our customers. In the following we would like to present our highlights to you.

Tight and secure: the new Parallel-Slide lightweight hardware by Gretsch-Unitas
The PSL by Gretsch-Unitas is a high density parallel sliding system for PVC and aluminium profiles. It is particularly suitable for use in tall buildings requiring a high degree of tightness.
The strikers secure the frame cams in all important positions. The frame cam is in the secure position in the striker and also in the ventilation position.
The even opening and closing operation is mechanically actuated via the handle, increasing ease of use and preventing mishandling. When closing, the sash is pressed against the frame with the two circumferential sealing layers, resulting in a very high tightness.
The gasket pressure can be adapted to the individual installation situation via the frame cams. If the sash and/or frame is deflected, the frame cam can also be adjusted at a later point.
Easy quiet movement of the PSL door due to precision-manufactured roller unit with ball bearing supported boogies.

GEMOS "Next Generation PSIM"
GEMOS – produced by ela-soft, powered by BKS Connect – is the leading browser-based security information management and organisation system (PSIM). At the beginning of the new year 2021, the next evolutionary step towards the GEMOS 5 "Next Generation PSIM" will be completed.
GEMOS 5 marks a fundamental redesign of GEMOS PSIM (advanced physical security information system) from the core to the modular structure, new user interfaces (GUI) and master data management. This is also the biggest product overhaul in the history of the GEMOS family.
It is possible to manage numerous media, communication and security systems in a manufacturer-neutral manner with GEMOS such as fire alarm systems, assault and intrusion detection systems, video management systems, access control systems, fire extinguishing and SHEV systems and much more.
High availability and secure interfaces are the basis for the smooth-functioning linking of third-party systems to management systems. Intelligent GEMOS interfaces provide a separate driver for coupling with every third-party system. More...

Automatic doors: Safety thanks to contact-free opening and closing
In publicly accessible buildings, hygiene plays an increasingly important role in addition to accessibility. With contact-free opening, automatic door systems provide greater convenience and security in all everyday situations. Building operators with high public traffic and a resulting increased risk of the distribu-tion and spread of infectious agents – such as medical practices, hospitals and pharmacies – face a major challenge. With automatic entrance systems by GU Automatic, the individual requirements for contact-free and threshold-free entrances, exits and passages can be met. GU Automatic offers support from the planning phase to implementation, as well as for retrofitting projects.
When it comes to facade design, automatic doors make it possible to imple-ment challenging architectural solutions. Automated door solutions are also in-creasingly being used for interior doors. Whether automatic sliding doors or automated interior doors with swing-door drives: The focus is on contact-free door opening and closing.

Glass partition walls create well-lit rooms with elegant partitioning
Retrofitting workstations with office partitions to suit different uses or to im-prove noise, hygiene and privacy protection in offices often leads to dark and confining working conditions. Glass partition walls can be used to transparent-ly divide rooms. They open, arrange and separate rooms according to the desired use and design possibilities.
Modern glass partitions can also be retrofitted, enabling even large rooms to be divided into functional units such as offices, meeting rooms and recreation areas. The modular design allows for the use of different functional elements. Fixed panels can be supplemented by rotating or sliding elements as well as stops for individual solutions.

ixalo – The electronic locking system by BKS | RFID technology
ixalo – in the context of RFID technology, the BKS electronic locking system is impressive due to the particularly low energy consumption of its products – one of the main criteria to be met by battery-operated systems. This is the only way to ensure a very large number of locking cycles (up to 70 000).
The ixalo hardware has a attractive design and fits seamlessly into the modu-lar overall system. It offers an exceptionally convenient solution for access organisation and can be combined with a wide variety of lever handles. Also suitable for use in escape and rescue routes (EN 179/EN 1125).

Makes light work of lifting heavy sashes: HS LiftUnit for Lift&Slide doors
The ever increasing size and weight of the glazing in Lift&Slide elements means that greater operating forces are required to move them – the handle torque increases noticeably and the Lift&Slide door becomes more difficult to operate.
Gretsch-Unitas has added the HS LiftUnit to its range in order to noticeably reduce the operating force on the handle. The HS LiftUnit supports the bogie when lifting the active sash. This greatly facilitates the operation of the Lift&Slide door, particularly with heavy sash weights, because the torque on the handle is reduced by half and the ease of use is noticeably increased. It can be retrofitted to existing Lift&Slide doors.

Efficiency and flexibility with SECURY 19 multi-point locks by BKS
Thanks to the switchable panic side with split follower and reversible latchbolt, the SECURY 19 multi-point locks guarantee maximum flexibility for single- and double-leaf narrow stile doors together with a reduction in warehousing.
An optional "monitoring package" which includes the contacts required for the latchbolt, cylinder cam and follower is available. Panic locks, electrically cou-pled locks, motor-driven locks with A-opener, monitoring contacts and a „non panic lock“ round off the SECURY 19 product range.