ixalo – access to flexibility

ixalo – the electronic locking system of BKS combines a variety of electronic products and technologies into a state-of-the-art, sustainable overall system. Optionally equipped with BKS SE technology or RFID technology: MIFARE® (MIFARE Classic®, MIFARE® DESFire® EV1) – ixalo offers many possible applications to satisfy individual customer requirements. Individual designs can be created conveniently, reliably and cost-effectively by combining mechanical, and electronic locking systems.

Energy-efficient: ixalo offers particularly low energy consumption of its products – one of the main criteria to be met by battery-operated systems. This is the only way to ensure a very large number of locking cycles.

Secure: ixalo satisfies the highest security requirements of the EN 15684 standard for mechatronic locking cylinders by using extremely secure encoding and communication mechanisms. The security is certified by the VdS.

Economic: locking systems are particularly cost-effective when electronic and mechanical cylinders are combined into one system. The prerequisite for this is that all cylinders, keys and transponders are managed uniformly within one software. The BKS KeyManager is thus an administration software with which electronic access authorisations can be modified at any time and can be conveniently updated locally via the release terminals.

Electronic door hardware

The ixalo door hardware provides a very convenient solution for access organisation. The orientation of the lever handle can be reversed to DIN left or DIN right thus offering outstanding flexibility on-site during installation. Approved according to EN 179 / EN 1125 the ixalo door hardware can also be used on doors in escape and rescue routes. Additional special functions such as daytime release, double-check principle, burglar alarm system function, etc. are available. The ixalo door hardware provides visual and acoustic access authorisation signals – with up to 120,000 locking cycles/standard battery pair and is therefore very energy-efficient.

Special features

  • Design-oriented access control solution
  • Very easy operation via lever handle
  • Suitable for use on doors in escape and rescue routes (EN 179/EN 1125)
  • Can be combined with a large variety of lever handles

Product characteristics

  • High energy-efficiency
  • Suitable for fire protection doors
  • Can be adjusted for RH/LH use
  • Visual and acoustic signalling of access authorisation
  • Many special functions

Wall reader 2

The new ixalo wall reader continues the theme of the appealing ixalo door hardware design. It is well suited for a consistent design within a project in combination with the electronic door hardware.

Special features

  • Controlled activation of BKS motor-driven locks and SECURY multi-point locks by Gretsch-Unitas, swing-door drives, car park barriers, etc.
  • Electronics securely accommodated in the interior (in conjunction with an external reader)
  • Programmable via the BKS KeyManager – software for administration and programming of mechanical and electronic locking systems

BKS KeyManager 5.0 – administration and programming made easy

The KeyManager is a master key system software that unites mechanical, mechatronic and electronic components in one overall system. One user interface gives a complete overview of all electronic and mechanical access media, such as cylinders, keys and transponders. The mechanical KeyManager module has been newly introduced and now offers a quick, intuitive and modern user interface with improved functions.

The electronic access media can be assigned access rights for individual doors or entire door groups via the KeyManager. A time limit can be imposed, e.g. at particular times during the day or for entire periods. The access rights can be modified and adapted at any time.

ixalo lock and door hardware solutions

With the ixalo lock, the choice of door hardware and therefore the door design is unlimited. The ixalo lock is sized to DIN lock case dimensions and is easy to retrofit. The lock is operated by use of a transponder. The ixalo door hardware is compatible with a large variety of lever handles and offers a high level of convenience.

ixalo double knob cylinder

Electronic ixalo double knob cylinders can be combined with every mechanical master key system from BKS or other manufacturers. They confer a high degree of flexibility even when retrofitting. Thanks to its integrated authorisation management, the cylinders function even in the event of a network or power failure. Time frames, public holidays and holiday periods can also be freely defined. They are therefore suitable for retrofitting in existing projects.

Special features

  • Long battery life
  • Modular design

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