The fascination lift&slide – reinvented by the inventor

More than 60 years of lift&slide competence at Gretsch-Unitas. To mark this anniversary, GU has completely revised and reissued the catalogues of lift&slide fittings for wood, metal and PVC.

The fascination of lift&slide – reinvented by the inventor

As early as 1958, with the invention of the lift&slid system, the GU Group set standards that still shape the market today. Due to the consistent further development of the lift&slide fittings, Gretsch-Unitas as a complete supplier offers fitting solutions for all schemes in all profile materials (wood, wood-aluminium, PVC, metal). With the multitude of further developments and additional packages, the individually manufactured lift&slid solutions can be designed entirely according to the customer's wishes. Existing elements can be easily retrofitted to meet specific requirements and wishes. The GU hardware components are designed for easy processing, there are extensive assembly accessories and individual support for planning and construction. With this equipment, GU products can be processed particularly easily, quickly and safely.

Comfort all along the line

Today's market requirements are that windows and doors should be easy to operate, have motor support and be barrier-free. In the strategic orientation of Gretsch-Unitas, system solutions for more comfort have top priority. The aim is to provide customers and consumers with hardware that offer maximum comfort. GU has developed a lift&slide door that is 100% barrier-free. Both a barrier-free threshold and a completely concealed HS ePOWER drive are integrated in this lift&slide door, enabling every user to open, pass through and close the door at the highest level of comfort. GU has added the HS LiftUnit to its range in order to noticeably reduce the operating force on the rotary handle of a manual lift&slide door. With the HS LiftUnit, operation of the lift&slide door is made much easier, especially with heavy leaf weights, as the torque on the handle is reduced by half. Retrofitting in existing lift&slide doors is possible.

Safe operation

For years, the trend towards large-format lift&slide doors with maximum opening widths has been intensifying. Even in commercial or public buildings, increasingly heavy lift&slide doors are being installed, which are also used by different people. What is important here is that the lift&slide sashes must be safe and easy to move without causing damage to people, elements or structures. The experience and technological lead of Gretsch-Unitas in the field of large and heavy lift&slide elements has proven its worth in moving them comfortably and safely.

  • HS SilentClose: The lift&slide sash brakes gently a few centimetres before reaching the end position and then moves automatically to the end position
  • HS StopUnit: The lift&slide sash stops safely in front of the end position and is then manually pushed into its end position and locked
  • HS SpeedLimiter: Uncontrolled acceleration of the sliding sash is prevented by limiting the speed to 0.2 m/s
  • The handle damper ensures a non-return and controlled rotational movement of the twist handle
  • The rubber buffer brakes the sash when it opens with a swing to prevent damage to the lift-slide sash and frame
  • Tension spring in the lifting gear lock reduces the operating force on the rotary handle. It is an alternative to the HS LiftUnit where the operating force is reduced considerably more
  • The lowering safety device closes light window sashes tightly and in a controlled manner
  • With the 400mm long RONDO handle, convenient operation of the rotary handle is also possible in a seated position
  • The carriages ensure that the lift&slide sashes can be moved smoothly

Tested safety for maximum burglar resistance up to RC 3

Thanks to the burglar-resistant designs, Gretsch-Unitas convinces with numerous fitting components that offer effective protection against manipulation attempts. The PVP systems are at least RC 2 tested according to DIN EN 1627-1630, the fittings for wooden profiles even up to RC 3. In addition, all lift&slide fittings from Gretsch-Unitas are certified according to DIN 18104-2 for retrofitting.

The safety-relevant components are:

  • With electronic lock monitoring by magnetic switches, you can see at a glance whether the lift&slide door is open or locked
  • With the HS centre impact protection in the centre impact, increased burglar resistance is achieved. Over the entire sash height, stable aluminium profiles with integrated seals interlock with each other to prevent lifting
  • Lockable twist handle DIRIGENT increases security and offers additional burglar resistance
  • Anti-lift device: prevents the window sash from being lifted and tilted out of the frame
  • The HS gap ventilation combines burglar protection with optimum ventilation comfort. Elements with integrated HS gap ventilation are tested according to DIN V ENV 1627 RC 2 and are therefore securely locked even in the ventilation position

Design oriented and technically convincing

  • Large-area glass fronts are a formative architectural design element. Growing demands on the safety and comfort of lift&slide doors require complex technical solutions. At the same time, expectations regarding the visual quality of buildings are also rising. At Gretsch-Unitas, both function and design are inspiring
  • The design of the fixed panel with floor-to-ceiling panorama glazing allows maximum feeling of space
  • Concealed upper guide rail: design-oriented solution and alternative to visible upper guide rail
  • The uniform rotary handle range from Gretsch-Unitas offers a continuous design of all handles in the entire living environment, whether for window or door elements
  • With the widest possible range of possibilities, the Gretsch-Unitas lift&slide range reflects the current requirements of the market. Numerous options for the arrangement of the wings allow a wide range of variants and thus offer space for individual planning and design

We have illustrated the special features of our more than 60 years of competence in lifting and sliding elements in a video. Let us inspire you!