VTS concealed door closer with free-swing function

The door closers with slide rail in the OTS 73x and VTS 73 series by Gretsch-Unitas are remarkably small and combine attractive design with opening comfort – in accordance with the DIN 18040 standard for barrier-free construction.

All product types have uniform dimensions, hole patterns and looks which ensures that when different door closers are used, the resulting overall appearance is harmonious. Both series cover all applications with its innovative
modular system: the components are simply combined to meet requirements and adjusted individually. This not only makes planning, installation and retrofitting easier, it also saves storage space and fixing accessories.

To round off the product range, Gretsch-Unitas is now presenting a concealed door closer with free-swing function: the VTS 735 FL. It is a convincing product owing to its very small dimensions and satisfies the requirements for barrier-free construction. It has the same dimensions as the standard door closer VTS 735 and a fixed closing force size EN 5 (for door leaf widths up to 1250 mm), and can be used in single and double-leaf fire protection doors.

Due to the uniform installation and milling dimensions, no special components are required and all components of the modular system of the VTS 73x series can be used.

A door equipped with a free-swing door closer can always be moved freely and a counter force therefore does not need to be overcome in order to pass through it. In the event of fire or a power failure, the door is securely closed via the activated door closer function.

This makes VTS door closers especially perfect for barrier-free use on fire protection doors in kindergartens, schools, hospitals and residential homes for the elderly – standard-compliant for barrier-free construction in accordance with DIN SPEC 1104 and DIN 18040.