Working Hygienically Safe

The last 15 months have changed many things we seemed to take for granted before – such as closeness, shaking hands, taking part in larger events without giving it a second thought – but there has also been a change in thinking at the workplace in offices and in the industry. Not every profession can be undertaken from home. And these employees need the best possible protection. Automatic entrance systems play a part in this. They enable doors to be opened and closed contact-free. Glass partition walls can be used also to adapt workplaces retrospectively to different usage requirements.

Automatic doors: Safety thanks to contact-free opening and closing

In publicly accessible buildings, hygiene plays an increasingly important role in addition to accessibility. With contact-free opening, automatic door systems provide greater convenience and security in all everyday situations.

Building operators with high public traffic and a resulting increased risk of the distribution and spread of infectious agents – such as medical practices, hospitals and pharmacies – face a major challenge. With automatic entrance systems by GU Automatic, a company of the GU group, the individual requirements for contact-free and threshold-free entrances, exits and passages can be met. GU Automatic offers support from the planning phase to implementation, as well as for retrofitting.

The most appropriate system can be selected as required from a multitude of technical and creative possibilities. Automated door solutions are also increasingly being used for interior doors. Whether automatic sliding doors or automated interior doors with swing-door drives: The focus is on hygienic door opening and closing.

Glass partition walls create well-lit rooms

Retrofitting workstations with office partitions to suit different uses or to improve noise, hygiene and privacy protection in offices often leads to dark and confining working conditions.

However, glass partition walls can be used to transparently divide rooms. They open, arrange and separate rooms according to the desired use and design possibilities.

Doors and walls made of glass give rooms a feeling of transparency and wideness, and enable use of natural daylight. Modern glass partitions can also be retrofitted, enabling even large rooms to be divided into functional units such as offices, meeting rooms and recreation areas. The modular design allows for the use of different functional elements. Fixed panels can be supplemented by rotating or sliding elements as well as stops for individual solutions.

As office partition walls, shop-in-shop solutions in shopfitting, room dividers in public facilities and hotels, or to divide spaces in private buildings: whatever the situation, glass systems are design highlights and blend seamlessly with any style of architecture.

Together with our sister company, BKS GmbH in Velbert, we have started developing new spatial concepts with glass partition walls to give employees a working environment which is hygienically safe yet also "open" and bright. In our opinion, this kind of approach will become widespread in future. We are therefore offering a sustainable solution for actively using available spaces.

Flexible and barrier-free –manual all-glass sliding walls

Manual all-glass sliding walls allow rooms to be used flexibly. The individual glass segments are opened and closed by pushing or pulling them on the roller track. High-quality, ball bearing-supported running mechanisms guarantee smooth and easy handling, also with elements without floor guide. Comfortable barrier-free passage is therefore possible.

Maximum comfort – automatically-driven partition walls

Transparent, compact and space-saving solutions can be optimally developed using automatically-driven glass partition walls. Thanks to the small roller track height, installation flush with the ceiling is possible almost everywhere. Room concepts that cater for individual requirements can therefore be implemented, even large facade elements can also be comfortably moved by the user.

Doors can be opened hygienically with the GU Automatic swing-door drive

GU Automatic is offering the DTN 80, which can be equipped with corresponding sensors, to enable contact-free opening and closing of doors. Activation can be fully automatic, depending on the requirements, via a radar detector or a contact-free wall-mounted push-button. It is recommended that house entrance doors should be combined with multi-point locking to implement also burglar protection and escape route security.

Retrofitting of automation systems to interior and exterior doors

The DTN 80 swing-door drive can be used on doors with any frame material. It can be supplied in various surfaces. Automation of existing interior doors is possible at any time by retrofitting the DTN.


It is safe to say that once the pandemic is over the strict hygiene requirements will not suddenly change. Automatic entrance systems also mean additional comfort, which users will not want to do without in future.

Doors in heavily used entrances and corridors are touched by many persons. This increases the chance of infectious viruses and bacteria being transmitted between employees, visitors and other members of the public. GU Automatic products enable doors to be opened contact-free, and the equipment can also be retrofitted to doors in existing buildings. We help our customers keep the risk of contamination at their companies to a minimum. Hygiene measures can also be implemented very economically at smaller companies.

However, door automation has a wider purpose than simply responding to hygiene requirements. In the long term, automatic doors are comfortable barrier-free entrance solutions.

Regular maintenance ensures that the door remains functional in the long run

GU Automatic service engineers are not just on-site when there's a problem. Regular maintenance ensures that the doors work perfectly and reliably at all times according to individual requirements, and that no malfunctions occur.

The engineers operate throughout Germany, and have the technical expertise to carry out maintenance on all automatic entrance systems, irrespective of brand or manufacturer.

GU Automatic GmbH

All products of GU Automatic GmbH, which belongs to Gretsch-Unitas group, are developed and produced in Rietberg, which is in the region of Eastern Westphalia (Germany).

The service offering includes innovative, secure and reliable solutions for automatic entrance systems and automatic door systems, revolving doors, all-glass sliding walls, security curved sliding doors and controlled physical access, and installation, commissioning, maintenance and repair of automatic entrance systems. More than 280 employees are working to make this happen, and are supported by a nationwide network of sales employees, service employees and partner companies.