GSI Security Curved Sliding Door

Access control in the narrowest space

Access control possible in the narrowest space thanks to a minimal diameter of one metre. A sense of transparency is retained thanks to the high proportion of glass. 2-zone contact floor mat is used to monitor the passage area for an authorised or unauthorised user. The door leaves are locked in the initial position by an electro-mechanical locking mechanism. If authorisation is granted by an access control system, the door opens automatically. As soon as the user steps on the contact mat, the access door will close. As soon as the door has closed, the door opposite opens automatically. The user can now exit the passing area. Unauthorised access causes the passing cycle to be interrupted. The corresponding door will remain open until the passing area is empty again.

Convincing in detail

  • Access control in the narrowest space, from a diameter of 1 m
  • Sense of spaciousness and transparency due to large proportion of glass
  • Based on the tried and tested quality of our CMR curved sliding door drive
  • Controlled physical access and cabin monitoring by means of 2-zone contact floor mat
  • Easy adaptation to on-site access control systems
  • EMERGENCY-OPEN switch in the cabin for opening the outer door


  • Sliding panels and drum walls made of curved 10 mm laminated sheet glass (LSG)
  • LED spotlights for installation in the aluminium ceiling
  • Presence sensors for safeguarding main closing edges
  • Loose-fixed flange connection
  • Floor ring
  • Available in different finishes and colours


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