Three-arm turnstiles

Whether activated individually or in series, or indoors or outdoors, three-arm turnstiles are the most common type of access control and are highly versatile. In the normal operating state, an electric brake holds the turnstile in the locked position. When released by a reader system or manually, via the control panel for example, this brake is disengaged to allow access. A gentle pressure is sufficient to trigger the drive and release the turnstile. All GU Group turn blockers are available as three-arm turnstiles, or two-arm turnstiles for barrier-free access and additional escape route solutions.


  • GU-MC2 / GU-MC3 two-arm / three-arm turnstile
  • GU-MC2 DUO / GU-MC3 DUO two-arm/three-arm turnstiles
  • GU-MT2 / GU-MT3 two-arm / three-arm turnstiles
  • GU-CM2 / GU-CM3 two-arm / three-arm turnstiles


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