GGR large-capacity revolving door

High flow capacity and suitable for use as an escape door

For large visitor flows and use in escape and rescue routes, the large-capacity revolving door is the elegant and energy-saving entrance solution. This door combines modern design with high functionality in an ideal way. For example, comfortable passage with shopping carts and prams or wheelchairs is always possible.
High flow capacity and suitable for use as an escape door. The leaves are divided in two and held securely with magnetic clamps in normal operation. In the event of a fire or a power failure, or if the emergency button has been pushed, the panel fixation is released so the larger panel sections can be folded away in the direction of escape. The fully automatic revolving door is safeguarded with sensors and contact strips in accordance with the current standards DIN 18650 and EN 16005 and is type-tested by TÜV.

Convincing in detail

  • Ideal for heavy visitor traffic
  • Offers plenty of space for shopping carts, prams, wheelchairs
  • Suitable for use in escape and rescue routes due to foldable leaves, which are securely fixed in normal operation
  • Different materials and finishes for individual solutions
  • Manual or automatic night shield
  • Locked with shoot-bolt lock on the door panels or with night shield


  • Drum walls made of curved laminated sheet glass
  • (LSG) or heat-insulated sheet-metal panels
  • Roof outdoors waterproof
  • LED lamps in the ceiling
  • Entrance mat
  • Loose-fixed flange connection
  • Floor ring
  • Floor pan
  • Air curtain systems in different versions


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